So, the year has changed and guess what, the remastering of the old Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning is not done yet. And what’s happening with the new Star Wreck film? Well, lets talk about the new film first!


The unmodified Lada ready for refitting. Samuli drove it from Helsinki to Tampere.

Star Wreck (2016) *short* film script is nearing completion. The events, characters are there and now we are working on the dialogue side. The Space-worthy Lada ™ construction is now half way done. The main exterior hull is somewhat done, although a lot of detailing and paint work is still needed. The interior we haven’t even touched! Instead of going fully digital we want to build this thing for real! Sorry, we don’t want to show it unfinished!

A short film?

This new film will be a short film – we want to see how the new things work and of course the short film will be an important tool in financing the FULL FEATURE FILM. The short film will take place in a pivotal point of the human space adventure. And the events will resonate to the main feature film. We like to have thick and meaty backstories in our world. The short film will establish also new characters and a new race! We have a title for the film as well but you still need to wait a bit longer!

We still haven’t locked the time schedule of the short film production but I can say that during this year we’ll shoot it. So the next steps? First we need to break down the script (so that we know how many shooting days etc and what kind of crew we need)…And of course soon we’ll starting casting! Yes, we’ll have several new roles in the short film – which will be carried over to the full feature film! More about this later!


A feature film?!!?

Samuli Torssonen (the producer) and Jussi Lehtiniemi (the director) ready to rumble!

Samuli Torssonen (the producer) and Jussi Lehtiniemi (the director) ready to rumble!

Yes, that is the ultimate goal. Together with Jussi Lehtiniemi (my friend & colleague at Troll VFX) we have been laughing at some stupid and crazy ideas (and pitching them to our co-workers at lunch) the past five years. Actually Rudi Airisto already wrote one version of the script many years ago and it was called “Star Wreck: Red Alert” back then. We took those crazy ideas and put them to an overdrive and raised the epicness-factor by 10. So it has been slowly cooking in our heads. We have written a treatment (basic story elements and characters) and soon we are ready to write the first actual version of the script.


potkuStar Wreck: In the Pirkinning (2005) remastering is my hobby project but it has taken huge steps as well.

Most of the full CGI shots (space scenes) have been re-rendered. The 3d models are still the same, that was the main rule. The lighting, render quality and resolution has gotten better though. And more particle effects and flying debris of course! Of course all the other shots will be processed from the original raw material. Although the source material is only DV CAM 16:9 (720×576) the new upscaling and filtering plugins really help a lot. The original version was compressed on DV codec twice which caused extra blurriness. Now all the shots are rendered to 10 bit DPX format.

I have to say that the most thrilling part in remastering has been the possibility to re-edit the film. Looking back at the edit decisions I made 11 years ago I can say that this extra distance to the footage helps a lot 🙂 Many of the jokes work now much better because of the enhanced pacing and rhythm. Here’s my advice to new films makers: let somebody else edit your precious footage – you are in love with the material too much! 🙂


An extended scene – Pirk is da man!


Even children playgrounds were captured for P-Fleet military purposes.

I’ve cut out some totally unnecessary scenes – like the Jeff Cochbrain scenes which made no sense at all if you look at the film’s main story. But – this as also opened the possibility to add new scenes to the film without making it too long. Actually the running time is now 92 minutes compared to the original 103 minutes. It is my intention to make this film better in every possible way. If I fail – the original version will always be there :).

Pirk ulos (out).


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  1. Janne Jäppinen February 15, 2016 at 20:22 Reply

    Joku kevyt määrä nättiä kohinaa voisi tuoda filmimäisyyttä & peittää alkuperäisen materiaalin suttuisuutta SWITP:ssä.

    P.S. odotan jo innolla

    • Samuli Torssonen December 8, 2016 at 09:26 Reply

      Jooh, varmasti kuvaa vähän käsitellään niin että se peittää alleen alkuperäisen suhmuisuutta 🙂 Yritetään saada mahdollisimman tasainen fiilis.

  2. Alexey March 14, 2016 at 14:20 Reply

    I’ll be waiting for the new Star Wreck episode! It should be amasing!

  3. Peliministeri May 27, 2016 at 19:33 Reply

    Milloin ajattelitte hoitaa nettisivuille Star wreckit taas lataukseen?

    • Samuli Torssonen December 8, 2016 at 09:27 Reply

      Kyllä pitäs piankin tehdä, kuhan oikeat työt antavat periksi 🙂

  4. LinuxHippi December 19, 2016 at 16:51 Reply

    Koskas jotain uutta aikaisintaan sais jo nähtäväks? Kuuma odotus alkanu täyspitkäuutisen bongattuani!

  5. AikaaOnOdottaa December 29, 2016 at 07:37 Reply

    Mitään stressiä ei asiasta halua antaa, mutta sillä sekunnilla kun voi Star Wrek:in remasteroituna ostaa, hommata, taikka tekijoiltä kiduttaa, niin kyllä se ehdottomasti pitää saada. Alkuperäinenkin lataus versio olis ihan mukava kun tupppaa tuo epätarkkuus silmiä särkemään.

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