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You can also download the all the movies trough BitTorrent or directly from our mirror site kindly hosted by computer club Ruut.


Star Wreck I (Click to Watch) The first Star Wreck animation was inspired by the classic computer game Star Control 2. Star Wreck I was drawn frame by frame using Deluxe Paint Animation, so the visuals are just as crude as the dialogue. Then again, this was one of Samuli's animations to have dialogue.

The only thing Star Wreck I has in common with the later episodes are the characters' names. The so called plot is simple: Plingons are attacking Earth and the CPP Kickstart must fight them off. The story is bad, the graphics are bad and the acting is really bad. This is a classic!

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Star Wreck II - The Old Shit Samuli returns to the crime scene in Star Wreck II: The Old Shit, this time with Rudi Airisto, who joins as a writer and the voice for the Vulgar, Mr. Spook.

The second film is a huge improvement over the first in every way. This time the space battles and the bridge were rendered in 3D and more sounds and music were added. The acting was much improves and the crew come across as actual personalities. The film is full of slapstick humor and it actually works very well at times.

This time, Pirk's mission is to go to the Fibula sector and destroy all enemies. But before getting to fire a single shot, the crew of the Kickstart must solve some serious problems on their own ship...

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Star Wreck III - Wrath of the Romuclans Pirk's fumbling voyages continue in Star Wreck III - Wrath of the Romuclans. There were improvements in the graphics, a more complicated storyline, and lots of new, tasteless humour. Many consider this to be the funniest of the old episodes, although Pirk's excessive swearing did raise a few eyebrows back int he day... Star Wreck III saw the first of the now traditional red-shirted security guard jokes.

Having wrecked his ship in the previous episode, Pirk now commands a brand new starship, and is sent to investigate a Romuclan attack plan on a backwater space station. It all ends with the most massive space battle in the history of the P-fleet, and it's lead by Pirk... With odds like that, does humanity stand a chance?

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Star Wreck IV - The Kilpailu In Star Wreck IV: The Kilpailu ("kilpailu" is Finnish for "competition"), several new characters were introduced, now drawn by Rudi Airisto. He would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the silly-looking Ferret graphics - the palette simply ran out of colours.

The Kickstart is sent to take part in a competition organised by a powerful alien race, the Zarquons. Further complicating Pirk's already impossible mission, Mr Spook, unable to bear Pirk's incompetence, resigns and returns to his home planet of Vulgarus. His replacement is Mr Info. Being a robot, Info is immune to Pirk's insults, but is at least as irritating as good old Spook.

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STAR WRECK 4½ (2000)

Star Wreck 4½ - Weak Performance Despite it's numbering Star Wreck 4½ - Weak Performance was actually made after Star Wreck V, even though most of it is re-used footage from Andy Bones II, made years earlier... Confused? So is the plot, where Captain Pirk plays Andy Bones on the Halludeck while Romuclans attack The Kickstart.

This episode was originally intended to be a inside joke for the team, so it's not considered a part of the series. It's only made for the web and is not included on the Legacy DVD. We've now released a DVD image so you can burn the DVD yourself! Download it via torrent (900Mb).

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Star Wreck V - Lost Contact Seen In the Pirkinning? See how Pirk got stranded in the past! Star Wreck V: Lost Contact was the first film to use live actors instead of cartoons. Real sets would have cost too much, so we decided to try bluescreen, just for fun. Our expectations weren't high, but it worked. So the movie was shot against a cheap blue bed-sheet and the blue background was replaced with spaceship bridges.

The story was a parody of Star Trek: First Contact. The Korg send a ship back in time to 20th century Eart. The Kickstart, being the only functioning P-fleet ship around, has to follow.

The Korg plan to assassinate rockstar Jeffrey Cochbrane (Played by Rudi Airisto and a pair of sunglasses) and his band Dethdestro before their concert attracts the attention of Vulgars. This would stop humanity's first contact aliens and change the future. If that wasn't bad enough, all Jeff wants to do is play loud and drink too much, but now Pirk and his crew must force him to save the world...

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The Making of Star Wreck: Legacy (2006)

The Making of is a brand new 40 minute documentary about the birth of Star Wreck. See how Samuli got from making floating treehouses to making the most watched Finnish film ever. Sometimes childhood dreams do come true.

Ändy Bones I - Raiders of the Stupid Dead Baboon

Ändy Bones and the Raiders of the Stupid Dead Baboon is the very first film Samuli ever made. And concecutively one of the most under-produced masterpieces ever seen on DVD. Shot with a VHS camcorder in the nearby forest it has it all: Nazis, improvised dialogue, shotguns, violence and nazis.

Ändy Bones II - Alone in the Dark

Ändy Bones II continues on the same track, but replaces nazis with zombies. It is most famous for it's mis-use of fireworks and the fact that it was later cut to form most of Star Wreck 4½ - Weak Performance.

Norwegian whore

Timo's debut film Norwegian whore has everything an art film should have. Shot in black & white and featuring a storyline almost incomprehensible to everyone but the makers themselves. The film features a genuinely disturbing soundtrack by Finnish industrial/noise band Älymystö.

..and more!

The DVD features even more old stuff from the makers of Star Wreck, like Rampa a silent animation pre-dating even the first Star Wreck and Funnies by Samuli and Make.

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All this can be yours on a shiny DVD for only 9.90e! And you can feel warm and fuzzy knowing that every cent will help us make our next film Iron Sky. Not to mention keep us warm in the cold Finnish winters*.

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*Temperatures below -30C (-22F) are not uncommon during the winter months. In these conditions hypothermia can kill in minutes. In less severe cases frostbites can result in amputation of fingers or entire limbs. It is especially important for Finnish filmmakers to stay warm during the winter, because operating movie equipment can be difficult without fingers or if you are dead.