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James B. Pirk

Captain James B. Pirk James B. Pirk is the worst captain in the P-Fleet. He's a mean, incompetent moron, but incredibly lucky. It says a lot about Pirk's abilities that even his blind luck usually only goes far enough to keep him alive and in command of a starship. One could ask, is Pirk really lucky, or is it just that everyone else in the universe is unlucky?

Mr. Spook

Mr. Spook Mr Spook is a well trained, logical Vulgar. He's the ship's science officer and generic problem solver. No matter what the situation, he always has a suggestion at hand. Without Mr Spook Pirk and Fukov would have been blown to hot dog molecules a long time ago.

Mr. Fukov

Mr. Fukov Mr Fukov is a dumb Russkie. He only knows how to screw up. He also loves "cool" sun glasses and earings. Shitty once won 100€ in a bet, using Fukov as living proof that Pirk wasn't the most imcompetent member of P-fleet. Unfortunately for Fukov, in addition to being stupid he doesn't even have luck on his side.

Mr. Dwarf

Mr. Dwarf The not-so-aptly named Mr Dwarf is a traitor to the Plingon race, serving in the P-fleet. Dwarf keeps his finger firmly on the trigger and is delighted with Pirk's militant leadership... But he's no perfect soldier either. Plingon warriors never shower, so Dwarf smells very, very bad.

Mr. Info

Mr. Info Commander Multimedia Information Superhighway, or Mr Info to his friends, is Mr Spooks' replacement. Info is a standard P-fleet service robot and thus has no real feelings, and skills far superior to his shipmates. This makes Mr Info just as annoying as good old Spook.


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